Why You Need A Writer’s Notebook

Ever got stuck writing something and wished for a box of enchanting words and ideas to fill the lines. Now what if I told you that you could have that box of enchanting goodies right with you, wherever you go. This enchanting box of ideas is called a “Notebook”. It literally contains interesting ideas that would give you a hand when your stuck.


A notebook also known as a Writer’s Notebook is a book used to collect facts and fictions, observations from every day life, quotes, to do list, nice words, things you find fascinating or amazing and things you imagine. Every writer needs to start a writer’s one as they are the best things since slice bread 😜.


Personally, I love all kinds of notebooks from mole skin notebooks to spiral notebooks, hard back books and so on. I love to keep all types of pretty notebooks for future use, or at least that’s what I tell myself. You might consider using;

  • A traditional school exercise book
  • A hard back notebook with plain paper
  • Lined paper collected and arranged in a file
  • Your tablet,smart phone or laptop

What Goes Into My Writer’s Notebook πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ ??


There are tons and tons of stuff to fill your notebook with, lets get right into it.

Character Sketches


These are bits of details about a character, this could be from observing people around you. Such details could be their appearance, their manner of speaking, the way they smell- like a distinctive perfume, or the smell of fried fish on someone’s clothes. Such details and many more form sketches for your future characters. More on character building, read this



This are my all time favorites, beautiful words from your imagination or from other writers to inspire you.



Now this are very useful , this can be a list of things to do for the day for your story, book or a to do list for your household daily activities like grocery shopping or a list of ideas, you name it. Lists can help to keep you organised as well.

Compliments / Kudos/ Nice Words


So you got a compliment from your spouse that made your day feel like cookies and rainbows or a high five from your boss at work and it sounded really nice, be sure to jot it down, it may just come in handy.



So you have a lot of short & long term goals that don’t seem to achieve itself, getting it on paper is the first step yo achieving it, so go ahead and write your goals in your notebook.

Life lessons /Thoughts


We learn new things about life every day, so when life teaches you something be sure to put in ink. Your thoughts on a particular condition or situation in the society should be written down as well !!!



So your a Poet with a creative mind or you just love poems, write it down !!

Short Story Ideas/Prompts

Brainstorming for ideas for a short story.

Every once in a while, a story idea pops into your head and bounces around for a while, grab your notebook and ink and put that idea down, it won’t be there for long !!. More on short stories,read this

Story Excerpts/Pieces


You have a beautiful scenery with great characters and plot in mind, put it down as you can connect the dots of your story pieces later to develop into a masterpiece 😊😊.

Personal Pieces

a writers personal piece

Your notebook an also be used as a diary to write about your favorite personal moments, stories and life experiences.

Useful Writing Resources & Tools

writers tool box

As writers, we all love an extra hand from technology and they are a lot of tools that can help your writing. So you can jot down your favorite writing tools and resources or recommended tools from other writers as this can prevent you from getting overwhelmed on what tool or resource to use. I love to call this my tool box .

Book Cover/Graphic Inspirations

book cover and graphic inspirations
book cover and graphic inspiration

Your book cover is one of your unique selling points, It sells your story before it’s even bought. So when you get inspired to do a book cover design or graphic, feel free to put down for future reference.

Uses Of A Writer’s Notebook

Keeping Track Of Useful Details

keeping track of useful details in your notebook

Taking notes of details of the appearance of people who pick your interest should become a habit, people you see on the street or when you go out, as this helps to create character sketches. Write down any interesting and unusual details that strike you about people you see around you in your notebook. These notes may help you to create characters you will be imagining and writing about in the weeks to come. They may at some point, form the basis for a short story.

Creating Your Own Space

your own space as a writer

Every writer needs to start a “writer’s” notebook to collect facts and fictions, observations from everyday life and things you imagine. Your notebook, or journal should be with you at all times so that you can jot down anything that strikes you as interesting or unusual and anything you might want to remember to come back to later.

Trying Out New Ideas

trying out new ideas in your notebook

With your notebook your free to do whatever you want. Your notebook will become a secret testing ground, for trying out ideas, phrases, mini-stories and scenes, bits of dialogue, all in complete freedom with the knowledge that if things don’t work, no one sees these trial runs but you. Over time, your notebook will prove invaluable.

It’s especially useful for noting down characters that you might want to develop later.Make notes in a way that suits you so that you, so that you can do it wherever you are on the train, bus, in cafe’s, at home or work. Make your notebook a place you like going to. It’s your own space, so experiments are allowed, enjoy !!!.

enjoy your writers notebook

Now finally, you have a good idea why you need a notebook and just a tip you can use whatever you want as a notebook, but start right away,start seeing the world as a writer.If you have more ideas why you need a notebook,tell me in the comment section. Good luck !!!

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21 thoughts on “Why You Need A Writer’s Notebook”

    1. Keeping a notebook is very useful as a writer and content creator, our minds tend to go blank when we pull one out, so the trick is penning down something that comes to mind when(preferably immediately) it comes to mind rather than sit and think of ideas to write

  1. Having a writers notebook is a great idea. I have separate notebooks for quotes and content ideas. I always prefer to create notes whenever I read a book. I like the feeling of writing over typing.

  2. I carry a little red notebook I bought on a trip . a year ago, and I LOVE carrying it around, I almost can’t leave home without it and I love the size as it fit in one hand and I can also write while standing, if I queue, or even once I had the urge to write while I was waiting for the red light LOL I crossed the avenue while writing, DON’T DO THAT! haha!!
    Great tips thou!

  3. I love writer’s notebooks! I started keeping one in my purse a couple of months ago and now I never forget a good idea! Thanks for all of the new ideas of what to keep in my notebook! πŸ™‚

  4. These are all great reasons to have a writer’s notebook. I keep one in my purse and by my desk. Both come in handy for keeping track of important dates and staying on top of my to-do list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am notebook obsessed! I constantly have one in my bag, in fact almost every room has one.

    You just never know when or where inspiration will hit.

    Great post x

  6. Where today’s world has everyone using notes apps and screenshots, I love that you’re promoting actual notebooks! I love keeping a notebook handy for jotting down blog post ideas, story ideas, or anything at all that comes to mind! There’s just something about having a proper piece of paper and your favorite pen that makes it all so wonderful!

    1. The idea of a physical notebook in your bed side drawer,just adds more spin to your writing. I love notebooks, I have a lot 😍😍😍

  7. I have a million writers notebooks lying around. If I don’t write down my ideas as they come they’re gone. I also use the notes app on my phone, makes things easier to dictate my thoughts while I’m driving.

  8. I also use the notes app on my phone, makes things easier to dictate my thoughts while I’m driving. But I do have a million notebooks lying around to jot down thoughts while I’m at home.

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