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Heyy guys,who is excited ? 🙋 I am.So today am going to be giving you all a run through on what to expect when you visit my blog.

I am a Contemporary Romance Novelist and teacher of fiction writing. Now let’s get to it, I am going to be giving you writing tips and tricks, writing prompts, character sketches, beautiful romance stories, my book excerpts and a dose of writing inspiration.

You get to see what goes on in my head that helps me produce wonderful writing pieces that is my behind the scene. I will also share with you my processes and writing rituals, book reviews, interviews and opinion pieces which can help you create that book in you or enjoy good ones as well. I post once a week, on Fridays, so be on the lookout for my post.

My aim for this blog is to build a writing community and inspire you to share your message through writing and enjoy while at it. Also, I aim to educate, enlighten and entertain you with everything about fiction writing.If you love fiction,then this should feel like home. If you love writing that is even better.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Writing Blog”

  1. Yea. I am excited and happy to be here. Looking forward to reading your interesting and engaging pieces.

    Thank you.

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