Short Story: The HOT CITY

short story, the hot city

As I scribbled down my personal details in the form given to me by the officer, beads of sweat trickled down my face, it felt so unreal, I was in THE HOT CITY !!! I remembered thinking about it, fantasising about it, imagining different places and events there and I was finally in it.
It was what I would see on TV, or hear on the radio, I was still coming to terms with it. As I handed the form to the officer he said welcome to…… I grabbed my luggage from the cargo area and ran off to the waiting terminal to meet my pickup.

The Cute Thief

Hello, can I borrow your phone I want to make a call turning back I saw this very cute guy with ombre dreads as shiny as the sun, his eyes pretty too, but as I admired the handsome guy, I recounted stories I heard in my home country of how people were duped and robbed of their properties popularly known as 419. Please I want to make a call my network is soo poor, can I use yours he said showing the poor network signal on his phone. As I looked at the glossy iPhone 8 In his hands; I thought he had an iPhone that was worth big bucks, he certainly can’t steal my meagre Samsung phone. Another thought came in, the iPhone fit no dey work o, remember say you just enter the hot city, shine your eye o.


The cute guy was stretching his hands for my phone with plea in his eyes, with shaky hands, I gave him my Samsung phone and started moving in circles just in case he wanted to make a run for it and I was pretty fast at least that’s what I was told. All the parts of my body were on alert watching his every move. My eyes and feet were in overdrive. Thanks, he said and gave the phone back. I stared at the beautiful man walking away. I was at the waiting area for 1 hour 45minutes and 40 seconds before my pickup pulled up. Tired from flying in the big bird, I angrily carried my bag into the vehicle as we drove to where I would call home. The drive home was interesting as I stared at the tall buildings and beautiful lights gracing the streets. We took a stop to eat in a fancy restaurant, the food was sumptuous. I felt a little leap in my stomach when we finally arrived my new home, my feet were already asleep, I was just moving.


My first week in the hot city was filled with so many bumps, don’t laugh yet we are getting to it. As the name implies the hot city was HOT the sun was scorching the rain was hot as well, read that again!! Everywhere in the Hot city was HOT, I became a regular sachet water consumer, the way I bought it daily you would think I had a small water Kiosk in front of my house. On my third day I got missing along, only God knows where I ordered an uber to help find my way but the driver got lost as well, swearing profusely I offered a silent prayer to my heavenly father.


Frustrated from walking here and there under the burning hot sun, I approached an officer to ask for directions turned out he didn’t know the area as well, so I continued on my own and Lucky me I found my way after a decade after sweating buckets like a Christmas goat. The following month, I was in for a long thing, I started experiencing homesickness first hand, it felt like I was on trip to a faraway land for slave trade, as I started hearing things about foreigners been beaten or robbed severely in time, I tried to blend in with the Local folks though my accent made me stick out like a sore thumb their highly praised food wasn’t up to my expectations nothing beats firewood prepared meals from my home town I felt like a lost puppy with an injured foot and I hoped it will get better or look up a bit, well even sure bet is not so sure, so times did change but one thing that was constant was the weather,” HOT“.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the real name of the hot city, it is called ….. check back on my blog might just tell you, Love my stories? read this. Share your thoughts in the comments see ya, Ciao.

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