Short Story: The Honey Pot

A romance story

She adjusted her hairband properly on her head, as it kept moving downward awkwardly, a story for another day. It was her first week on campus and she was dead nervous, she was an introvert and talking wasn’t her spec, she pushed her hard rimmed glasses upward for a better view of what looked like ants climbing out from a ​honey pot,​ the crowd in the school hallway was on another level. She walked into her first class of the day, immediately she sat down she heard someone catcalling her she resisted the urge to turn and see who it was. The weirdly ugly professor walked in with a pair of left leg boots that left her mouth open as a class roared in laughter at the very strange man. It turned out that he did that on purpose to test a theory which was very odd to me.


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After the longest most boring 90 minutes 25 seconds of her life, she walked out of the lecture hall with a heavy heart and a heavy backpack, she hadn’t walked far when a dark-skinned guy resembling a Greek god walked up to her, watching him walk towards her heartbeat shoot up like a horse on a cross-country marathon, looking at his well-toned legs, counting every step he took, she was a sucker for fit people and this dude was pulling all the stops. He was a new student as well and was looking for the medical lab as he was a nursing student, he asked her for directions but she was too out of it to reply she just stood there looking dumb.


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Two days, 19 hours 45 minutes 30 seconds later she was sitting in her very early English class, emphasis on the very early as she was already pissed as her beauty sleep was cut short by the weirdly handsome professor, everything was weird to her in her new environment. She was seated close to the window facing the cafeteria, the aroma of the food was pulling her internal organs, they were going for a spin in her stomach, it felt like a circus dance, someone suddenly tapped her annoyed by the disturbance from the person she quickly turned and screamed whaattt!!! and regretted that immediately.


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Her eyes were like the pizzas she ate earlier, standing in front of her was the dark-skinned beauty from two days ago, he was literally dripping of sauce, his melanin was popping and her nipples were twitching, It felt like he walked out of a movie, how could someone look that good without effort his pants were hanging loosely on his waist, his kicks was screaming “take me” take me” his leatherman purse was cute as well he waved his hands in front of her to bring her back to the zone called Earth, has anyone got this sit he asked with that sexy accent of his.


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Smiling like a frog she replied, no, it’s free. She was literally walking on coals in her mind she didn’t want to be caught unfresh yet again by that greek god, turned out his name was Jeffrey saying his name felt like a drop of honey to her tongue. Smiling like a warrior princess who had conquered the seven seas she walked to her room full of glee. The semester was coming to an end very quickly and she had exams back to back she hadn’t seen Jeffery in a while and was hoping to see him soon. All the freshmen were sharing a very big hall for the exams, she carried her bag and writing materials to her seats as she sat down students in different apparels started trooping into the hall, the law students dressed in their formal outfit, the engineering students in their overalls as they had practicals afterwards.


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She put her hand in her bag to get a calculator when the nursing students started walking in looking sharp dressed in their lab coats, her eyes roamed the crowd for Jeffrey, after her 5 minutes search she gave up, impatient much and started reading the examination instruction manual when someone pulled a chair beside her, she slightly turned her head to see who the latecomer was and Jeffrey was seated by her side in all his glory she couldn’t believe it, he was seated there in the flesh, she sat there looking dumbstruck that a very real prince of the African Empire was by her side she felt like she was in the clouds, it seemed like he was running to the hall earlier as beads of sweat caressed his lovely face even with the sweat slapped across his face he still looked good he was dressed in his well-ironed shirt beneath his snow-white lab coat looking sharp as always 🙈. She was itching to say hi to him, when he turned and asked, hi your Gabriella right? He freaking knows my name 💃💃💃. It felt like she had died and gone to heaven, doing the pilolo dance move in her head she smiled so sweetly and stretched her hands to shake him feeling very bold, the exam rush must have given her the confidence because she didn’t know where she got the courage from, he shook her hands and turned to get settled in.


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The exams were long behind over, they were on holidays and she was bored out of her mind with nothing interesting to do and no friends to hang out with. She had a very active social life with a lot of fun, friends, and merriment to go round but all that was in her mind 😣😣😣 weird right, a story for another day. She was seated on a bench at the mall scrolling through her Instagram feed when she spotted Jeffrey passing by with another guy who looked oddly familiar, she tried to hide as she was very shy and her bright hello kitty skirt wasn’t a sight for sore eyes and didn’t want to be caught unfresh yet again. she used her neon book cover to cover her face, nice way to hide she thought rolling her eyes. Are you okay? asked someone with a deep British accent peeking under her book she saw two feet clad in black Balenciaga’s. she shyly lifted the book and before her was Jeffery and the English guy with a worried expression. Gabriella, why do you have your face covered with a book like that? Jeffery asked. Nothing she said stuttering a little, am fine, thank you. Would you care to join us? He asked politely with his nice pair of teeth gleaming like crystals, giving her wide thoughts. She took his outstretched hands and that led to a big house, 5 fat babies and 3 cats, lol just kidding It was indeed the beginning of something beautiful tho, if you like this story, then you would love this. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Wow! Such a beautiful piece, captivating use of words, lovely story with some spice of suspense and imagery. Your series simply have great stories! This one literarily fits a vivid retrospective expression in plain sight overlaid with modern Innuendos. It keeps the eyes and hearts in ‘one peace’ or harmony and on one piece. Well done!

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