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As she seats down with her gym bag at the bus station, breathing heavily she reflects how her life had turned out over the past few years, her life took a 360 turn when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, she struggles with piling bills every day, from daily bills, college loans to the costly drugs she had to buy for her mom’s treatment every two weeks, still lost in thought, someone taps her as the bus was about to leave.

The Rush Story

social distancing during the covid-19 virus

She hurriedly climbs the stairs of the bus and takes a seat by the window as she sanitises her hand, she was looking out at the buzzing street as people moved in troops, the street of New York City was always busy, that’s how it got its name, the city that never sleeps. In a few weeks to come the streets will be empty as the global pandemic was spreading very quickly She was always thinking, that’s what problems do to you. The bus came to a stop, she stood up to get down when she remembered someone tapped her earlier at the bus station, as she turned to say thank you to the gentleman she was faced with a very beautiful being, it was weird to describe his beauty, he had a grown mans body, well built in all his glory, beautiful chocolate skin, lean muscles, a well-carved chin chiselled to perfection, but his face had the innocence of a baby, with a touch of softness to it, she starred for a minute, said thank you and quickly got down from the bus.

The Dilemma

She was filled with so much glee as she had just got a promotion at work, thus she was expecting a fatter income at the end of the month which she budgeted for her mom’s cancer pills. She had tried to live a healthy lifestyle ever since her moms diagnose, eat healthy meals, go to the gym once a week but such luxuries were eating her paycheck as fast as she was getting it and she was considering getting another side job all along, but the thoughts of juggling her nine to five and another job gave her a huge concern, her life would get so busy and stressful, and that means one thing. She would see her mom less, she saw her mom twice a week at the health care centre. She often wished she had a sibling to support her, she was constantly praying for a miracle.

The month was running very quickly and her favourite boss was suddenly giving her issues at work, she worked as an accounts manager and she was damn good at her job but recently a big client wanted to move his accounts to another firm and she had a meeting appointed to meet with the clients representative and convince him to keep their account with her firm, and after a successful meeting, the client wanted her to be in charge of the account but her selfish boss refused because of the percentage she would receive from managing the account due to the client’s contract clauses.


washing hands during  covid-19

She pushed the glass door as she strode out of the grocery section of the supermarket with her grocery list after an unsuccessful shopping spree as the vegetable aisle was cleared out due to the panic from the new virus COVID-19 that was widespread in the city of Wuhan in China. As she stood in front of the supermarket deciding where next to go, a skinny young man ran past her with a wallet he snatched from a man across the street, it all happened so fast, her sixth sense told her to go after him, she was capable of taking of him, besides she was very athletic back in high school and she was still fit at her age, she quickly took off after the man, as people on the street began to clear paths due to the social distancing going on in this part of the world.


The guy was pretty fast, that I would give him, he ran across each street so fast without even checking for oncoming cars, he had a death wish, that I can say, I was out of breath with each step I took, I was almost giving up when he stopped panting for air, a pair of gloved hands grabbed him as everyone on the street was aware of the situation, I took the wallet from him and turned to give the owner, as he had driven up to see the thief, he thanked me so much, and offered to give me a ride in his fancy Audi, the beast was beautiful but I was low-key thinking about social distancing, hand sanitizers, washing my hands and the whole covid-19 issue. As I walked to the passenger’s seat I couldn’t pin where I had seen this beautiful man in front of me. As I sat down, I admired the interior of the car, it had plush leather seats, the dashboard had so many buttons on it, I guess having such fancy car came with so many instructions alongside. Smiling to my self I realized the beautiful man was from the bus station a few weeks earlier, who would have thought he would own such a fancy car, he smiled at me as we shared the same thoughts with our eyes, I think I just found a friend amidst the COVID-19 chaos…………🌈🌈🌈

TO BE CONTINUED AFTER THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, STAY SAFE GUYS, SENDING MY LOVE IN SANITISER BOTTLES 😍😍😍. Did you enjoy the story? read this if your answer was yes 💃💃💃

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