Welcome to Romoma Series!! I am Grace Ukeni and I am the founder of Romoma Series. I am a contemporary romance writer of short stories and novels and an enthusiastic blogger.


What Do I Do?

I write articles, quotes, writing tips and ideas. I also share my writing processes, journey and excerpts from my book to keep you inspired. I read a lot of books from a very young age, as I read my mind began to create different characters and scenes. Reading books moulded my mind to create one.
At 13, few minutes to lunchtime, I put my first words in ink laying down in my dorm bed with my stomach wailing for food and book ideas popping and bouncing around in my head I scribbled away…………… and many manuscripts after that laying around somewhere in my room led to the Birth of ROMOMA SERIES.

An editor proof reading a short story.

Want To Know More?

I am a descriptive writer with a vivid imagination. When I write I create vivid scenarios and characters. I am fueled by my passion for books which has contributed to my latest book projects. I am currently working on my book release. If you love contemporary romance you will feel right at home here. I launched my blog to build a community of readers and have a beautiful family here.

Romoma Series is created to inspire, entertain and enlighten you to get writing and enjoy it while doing so. Books are my all-time favourites but I also love to cook, I could whip up something good for you if you ask nicely 😊😊😊. In my leisure time, I love to listen to good music and play volleyball.

Oh, Heyyy !! Thanks For Stopping By 😍😍😍.

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