Bants In The Other Room…

After our little bant earlier, she lay next to me in our cosy room .Elsa my girlfriend, more like my princess. I adored her and she knew it. I would worship the ground she walked on if she asked me. She wanted to be alone. As she lay down in our little room with me, that couldn’t happen any time soon, with our cozy apartment. I wasn’t upset anymore about our argument as I couldn’t even recall the cause of the quarrel, I just wanted her in my arms.

I was lost staring at her …..

My Elsa had very lovely skin with those cute baby hairs sticking out of her bun on her head. I couldn’t see her face as she had her back to me as she layout at the extreme of the bed. I guess that’s her own way of being left alone.I was smiling sheepishly to myself my girl is so adorable . She was shivering lightly so I walked to the wardrobe to grab a blanket to cover her.

All the while he was staring at me I was wide awake. I could tell as the hairs on my neck were erect, my body’s own way of saying there’s presence with you. Smiling to myself I literally gave myself a facepalm in my head for being so childish.

The way he stares at me like he’s trying to look into my soul. I have forgotten about our argument earlier tonight and just wanted to be in his arms but doing so will get him off the hook so easily, he needed to learn a few things. I felt his weight move from the side of the bed he was probably getting up to get something I could see him walking to the wardrobe in our dimly lit room.

Awww,he was getting a blankey for me.

My mahn could be sweet like that. Look at those legs, his thighs were on full view as well as his shorts were really short. Staring at his thighs had me swallowing saliva as the beautiful view before me was evoking something in me. He was ripped in the right places with his chiselled jaw sculptured to perfection and those plum red lips I love so much . I could never stay mad at him like he would let me if I tried. He would probably sulk all day just to get me to talk to him.

With those honey Brown orbs staring back at me I would always give in, that sh** got me every single time. He was my big softie I couldn’t help it . He was walking back towards me with the big blanket to cover me, smiling to myself I quickly closed my eyes. let me enjoy this a little longer I thought.

I felt his weight move around as he covered me with the blanket and lay down next to me still staring I guess. Oh my, he was peppering kisses down my neck now. That’s one of my weaknesses as well, this sh**brain knows all my soft spots and mahn he was winning again as he sucked on my neck . I was getting stirred and I mean literally stirred. I could feel some funny tightening in some parts of my body. I shut my eyes tightly to hold a moan in.

Elsa Elsa …………..

Why are you yelling my name it’s past midnight if you can’t tell, I said rolling my eyes. Why did you scrunch your face like that in your sleep ? That got me laughing so hard, so you mean you woke me up because I was supposedly scrunching my face in my sleep and what’s wrong with that I said with bouts of laughter here and there. Your face was all scrunched up like you were having a nightmare and that got me scared.

You’re a sh**brain you know that right and what were you doing by 3 am peppering kisses down my neck and whatever else you were doing. And, how would you know that he asked blindly? I was awake dummy, you couldn’t tell? He covered his face in embarrassment. What you shy about grumpy fart I said laughing hysterically. Whose a grumpy fart, he asked getting up. You are, I said amidst laughter as he tickled me until I rolled off the bed and landed on the floor with a thud.

Ouch, that hurt I said now really scrunching my face. Elsa 0-Bryan 1 he said doing a happy dance like a child. I took his outstretched hand as he tried to help me up I pulled hard and he fell flat on his face. We burst into a laughing fit at our silliness.

Heeyy, i have an early day out tomorrow ,come let’s go back to bed . So your not mad at me no more ? . If i were i wouldn’t be laughing with you right now I said rolling my eyes . Opening those big arms of his he embraced me in what i love to call my secret cocoon. I’m a hugger, sue me.

And in my secret cocoon did I find rest. And I mean I actually slept there in my secret cocoon 😉 .

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