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Hey, what’s up writer. I’m Grace

I am a 20 something-year-old IT student, contemporary romance writer and blogger who felt the need to challenge myself to write more, my passion for writing was fueled by my love for books and reading.

Before I started my writing blog, I just wanted to write short stories and solving problems for new writers came along afterwards, so I started writing articles to give practical solutions to new writer’s and inspire them to write.


To provide practical solutions to new writer’s problems and to inspire the writing journey of writers who lack motivation and knowledge to write.

Romoma Series was birthed from my passion for reading and writing stories. I want to create a community where people can read engaging stories and gain practical solutions to writing problems. It all started with a “BOOK“.

This Is How I Plan To Achieve This ☝

I believe as a writer, to go from one point to another in your writing journey is growth and so many writers are stuck at one point for years not because they are terrible writers or lack the know-how but because they lack the ability to apply this knowledge that is why ROMOMA SERIES gives you tips & strategies that comes with actionable steps to reduce your learning curve.

Your growth is in your doing

Ukeni Grace


Your Writing Growth Is In Your Writing!!

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