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Who Is Grace Ukeni?

Grace Ukeni is a lover of words (Literally). She is a content writer, a short story writer, a novelist and a poet. Outside the writing world, she is a content creator and Youtuber who is enthusiastic about breaking down the writing process to new writer’s. Her number one goal is to inspire writers to go after their writing passions without relent.

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Grace Ukeni fell in love with writing at a very young age, she started sharing stories when she was 13. As a student, her classmates asked for her assistance with writing projects, she also became the school Librarian for a year. She has published a series of short stories online and wrote her first novel that hits the market in 2022. Her passion for writing was fueled by her love for books, reading and the smiles on people’s faces when she told stories.

The BIRTH Of Romoma Series

As a Nigerian Writer, Grace discovered that there weren’t enough Nigerian writers teaching fiction & content writing. This birthed the idea to build a platform with practical solutions to new writers’ problems. Her recent project is creating a life focused on sharing value through her writing, to her clients and readers. It all started with a “BOOK“.


As a writer and storyteller, Grace strongly believes to become an efficient writer one requires these two things, the appropriate knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge, that is why ROMOMA SERIES provides you with actionable strategies to enhance your learning journey.

Your growth is in your doing!

Grace Ukeni


Your Writing Growth Is In Your Writing!!

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