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nurturing brand new writers
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Who Is Grace Ukeni?

Grace Ukeni is a contemporary romance writer, Content creator and Youtuber who is enthusiastic about nurturing brand new writer’s to pursue their writing passions while enjoying the process.


Grace Ukeni started storytelling from a very young age; she gathered her juniors at boarding school around a pole in the middle of her hostel and told stories she spun on the spot, she told these stories late into the night till everyone grew tired and sleepy. At age 13, she went on to write her first collection of short stories which is seated among other piles of short story collections in her childhood bed drawer. Fast forward a few years later, she acquired the skills of writing through various accredited courses and countless hours studying the craft. In 2020, she applied for a diploma in Novel writing to advance her creative writing skills.

She has also published a series of short stories online and gone unto writing her first novel that hits the market in 2021. Her passion for writing was fueled by her love for books, reading and the smiles on people’s faces when she told stories.

The BIRTH Of Romoma Series

As an African Novelist, Grace discovered that African writers teaching fiction writing weren’t thriving in online spaces & communities. This birthed the idea to create a platform with practical solutions to new writer’s problems and inspire the writing journey of writers lacking motivation and knowledge to share their stories through writing. Her recent project is building a thriving community where people can read engaging stories and gain Insightful solutions to their writing problems. It all started with a “BOOK“.


As a writer and storyteller, Grace strongly believes to become an efficient writer one requires these two things, the appropriate knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge, that is why ROMOMA SERIES gives you tips & strategies that come with actionable steps to enhance your learning journey.

Your growth is in your doing!

Grace Ukeni

Some Random & Interesting Facts About Grace Ukeni

  • She takes notes at an alarming speed; It’s safe to say she is an “Amanuensis“.
  • She can’t relate to people who can’t stay up after 3-4 am, she is the queen of Night Owls.
  • Like almost every writer on earth, She likes coffee but doesn’t need it to stay awake, she has natural caffeine!
  • At some point in her life, she was a pantser, plotter and also a plantser, aren’t we all!
  • She is not a Tv person, she turns on her Tv several times a year but when she gets stuck on a movie series, you would need a blue moon to catch her attention. What an irony!
  • She is a very curious person, she turns into a child, when she is fascinated ( that means she asks a lot of questions, let’s keep this open secret a secret!)
  • Her eyes awaken at midnight! When it’s dark, don’t call her! she’s probably busy somewhere.
  • She spends more time with books than people.
  • She takes little notes and stationery around; wherever she goes, no one knows what she does with them.
  • She loves scouting a lot of books at the same time and ends up not finishing any.
  • She tells people full movie scenes she bakes in her amazing mind! puff, talk about a talking movie director.
  • She reads very lengthy novels at the rate you cook a Nigerian native dish (a few hours).
  • She is said to be a hopeless romantic, but not to humans, just characters!
  • She is not one to start a conversation, but once it begins, she would talk your ear off, she just needs you to turn the tap on! and words will flow.
  • She buys new notebooks at the rate you buy sugar.
  • She is a self-driven writer, that scouts knowledge, the way you scout food!


Your Writing Growth Is In Your Writing!!

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