9 Essential Elements Every Romance Story Must Have.

essential elements for your romance stories

Hey guys,so today I am going to be telling you nine essential elements every romance story must have.This includes flash fiction,short stories, novellas and novels.Whatever romance piece you have in mind should have this nine key ingredients.So, lets get right into it.

So first of;

  1. You need to choose your Romance Subgenre; This is a very essential element when starting your romance story.Now Subgenre is simply a subcategory within a particular genre.There are several romance subgenres,here are a list of some subgenres you might consider getting into;
  • Chick-lit romance.
  • Inspirational/Faith Based Romance.
  • Contemporary Romance(Which is what I do,πŸ˜‰).
  • Science Fiction Romance.
  • Urban Fantasy Romance.
  • Young Adult/New Adult Romance.
  • Erotic Romance.
  • Historical Romance.
  • LGBT Romance.
  • Paranormal Romance.
  • Romantic Comedy.
  • Romantic Suspense

romance story

2. Secondly,choose your Romance Trope.

A lot of people confuse subgenres with tropes.A Trope is simply a literary device used to bring two love interests or characters together for the purpose of love.

There should be a reason that your hero and heroine should get together or cross paths.

Why A Trope Is Great For Your Romance Story

  • Its a great way to get new readers who love certain tropes.
  • It helps to easily describe your story.
  • Tropes are more commercially viable in the market which will convert to money(πŸ™„Dont we all want that?) which will in turn expand your authors career.

Here are a few romance tropes you can give a try for your romance story.

  • Friends to Lovers.
  • Enemies to Lovers.
  • Opposite Attract.
  • Fake Fiance/Marriage.
  • Mistaken Identity.
  • Undercover Identity.
  • Amnesia.
  • Best friends Sibling.
  • Wrong side of The Tracks Love.
your romance characters

3.Thirdly, you must cast your CHARACTERS;

Build your characters for your story, specifically your heroes and other supporting characters,start thinking about what your characters will be like.For more on building characters read this.

your romance settings

4. Next,choose a location;

This is the setting where your characters are going to hang out,live, favorite cafe, restaurant,school,workplace, shopping mall,church,part of town and so on.

physical glue for your romance story

5. Physical Glue;

This is what keeps your love interest physically together.There should be a suitation or reason to be in a close proximity as this will help them fall in love.

conflict between your characters

6. Conflict;

This is a block or barrier that prevents their romance from sizzling and blossoming.This is simply what drives them apart.This is more of an emotional thing than physical.


7. Relationship Milestone;

This are specific points or suitation that prompts their romance to advance.This are important milestones that leads the characters to move from one stage to another such as when they like each other to when they fall in love.

8.Heat Level;

Heat level is basically the amount of sensuality included in your story.It is a scale used to rate the sensuality of your story.Heat levels help to brand you as an author and create a perfect author platform.It also helps in designing your book cover design.

Examples Of Heat Levels Are;

  • Clean.
  • Moderate.
  • Sweet.
  • Steamy.
  • Spicy.


HEA means Happily Ever After while HFN means Happily For Now.HEA simply means your love interest end up happily together.And,HFN simply means all issues are resolved and they are happy at the point they are at the point.

With all that you have got a good romance story on the way.Hit the ground runningπŸ˜‰.Good Luck

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