15 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Writers

15 Valentine’s Day Gifts For  Writers

So Valentine’s day is around the corner, the big day for lovers all over the world, and if your lover is like me, a writer, your probably wondering the perfect gift to get, think no more. This is the ultimate list of gifts to consider for your bookish lover and still remain sane. So here goes, hold on tight, it’s a long list 😉

valentines day coffee mug

1. Coffee Mugs

This is a cliche, every writer I know probably has a coffee mug or a collection of mugs if I may add, but it’s Valentine’s day, there is no harm in adding one more to their collection, besides this would probably be their favourite mug since they received it from a special someone on Valentines Day.

writers blankets

2. Blanket

This is my all-time favourite for the cold nights when your word count is staring right at you. Get a fluffy blanket for your bookish lover and if you want to make it extra special, you can get it customized with special words from your heart for your love and trust me that would be very well appreciated.

chocolates for valentines day

3. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates 😋🍫, and what’s better than nibbling on a bar of chocolate on that warm sunny day at the sturdy table as you write, throw in a variety of them, different brands and shapes, preferably hearts, yummy 🤤.

thw writers notebook

4. Notebooks

One of my favourites, we are writers, we love to write or at least when we can 😉. Personally, I love all kinds of notebooks from moleskin notebooks to spiral notebooks, hardback books and so on. I love to keep all types of pretty notebooks for future use, or at least that’s what I tell myself. So a fancy notebook or notebooks would be pretty nice on my desk.if you want to know why a notebook is so important to writers, read this.

5. Bookbags

We love to carry around that one book that we have over 300 pages to complete to read on the bus or wherever we find ourself. Even reading a few pages would make our day, and we need book bags to carry it around, we don’t want our books getting squashed and worn out in our crowded purses. You can also get it in their favourite colour.

headphones for writers

6. Headphones

So there is this new thing called audiobooks and podcasts if you don’t know about it, and listening to audios out loud on the bus is not very cool, as it could be disturbing to others, so headphones are very handy.

7. Coffee Maker

So I am not very fancy, I love to make my coffee myself but getting a coffee maker wouldn’t hurt, for those rough days when you just need a break from the world and your WIP.

books for valentines day

8. Books

As writers, what is our favourite thing in the world? You guessed right, books. So get your lover a good book, check out their favourite bookstores both online and offline, look for the recommended reads or the best book of the month or ask another book lover.

9. Ultimate Gift Basket

The ultimate gift basket is just perfect, it is super cute and has so many bookish stuff, You can put one together yourself, for the ultimate gift basket, include this;

  • Cute fuzzy socks: because we like to stay warm at night when we write 🙈.
  • Gloves: if you guys live in a very cold country like Canada this is lovely for the cold as well, I stay in Africa and a sock is enough for the cold 😉.
  • Scented candles: this is just to give your romantic partners mood a notch, we could also use this when we take long baths after a long day and just want to relax and get pampered a little bit.
  • Bathrobes: this is for the bath I mentioned above 👆.
  • Slippers: we love to get comfortable around the house because it’s our office.
  • Fancy Stationery: we are visual beings that why we love stories, get cute stationery such as fancy pens and pencils.
  • A big shirt: our level of comfort depends on our mood, sometimes we just feel like a shirt would do.
  • Yoga pants /Sweat pants: This are super comfortable to wear around the house or even when you go to the cafe down the street to write, so this is a good one too.

If you have a bigger basket, you could add a ceramic set, we love cute things like that.

throw pillows for valentines day

10. Throw Pillows

When we are not writing, we are probably reading or watching something and throw pillows are great for getting comfortable, make sure to get a variety of them.

11. Writing Tablet

And if you are looking for something pricey, a writing tablet is just right as it is handy to carry around to write on the go.

pencil holder for valentines day

12. Pencil/Pen Holder

We love fancy stationeries, what better way to arrange them on our desk than a fancy holder or case, so be sure to get a unique pen/pencil holder for your special someone.

13. Pyjamas

Still, in the case of comfort, I love to be comfortable, don’t we all? So PJ’s would be a nice gift for writers like myself who love to walk around the house while plotting the next bestseller.

writers food tray

14. Bed Food Trays

I am a nightcrawler, I love to write at night so I am not much of a morning person and breakfast in bed would be just great and if your lover is anything like me, getting a cute bed food tray would light up their day. Be sure to gift them the tray with food on it 🤣😂🤣😂.

jewellery box for your valentine

15. Jewellery Box with Jewelry

A cute neckpiece or bracelet with beautiful quotes or their name and a nice box to go with would be great too, be sure to ask a friend of theirs to help with the picking of the jewellery if you’re not very good at picking Jewelry.

This is the ultimate list of great gifts you could get for a bookish lover, do well to pick a few and watch your lovers face light up and share your thoughts in the comment section, what are the gifts you have given to that special someone that loves writing?

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